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The process of the externalisation of certain ashrams within the Hierarchy and the practical effects of the process are given in detail. A Treatise on the Seven Rays: Volume 1: Esoteric Psychology I Volume 2: Esoteric Psychology II Five volumes have been written under the overall title of A Treatise on the Seven Rays , based on the fact, the nature, the quality and the interrelationship of the seven streams of energy pervading our solar system, our planet and all that lives and moves within its orbit.

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These two volumes go extensively into the psychological make-up of a human being as the life, quality and appearance of an incarnating, evolving spiritual entity. They also relate the circumstance of human psychology to world conditions and to future possibilities. Volume 3: Esoteric Astrology The science of esoteric astrology is said to be one of the basic sciences of the future.

Astrology is described in this book as "the science of relationships", a science which deals with those conditioning energies and forces which play through and upon the whole field of space and all that is found within it. Volume 4: Esoteric Healing Healing is an exact and an exacting science. Esoteric healing is equally scientific, based on a number of requirements, including knowledge of the constitution of man as a spiritual being and of the biology and anatomy of his physical form.

In this book the seven ray techniques of healing are described; the laws and rules of healing are discussed; basic causes of disease are shown; and requirements for healing are given in detail. The second part of the book is concerned with the nine initiations by which the disciple progressively liberates himself from the various forms of our planetary life. The possibility of group initiation is a development of the present era; this volume emphasises the growth of the group idea - group service, group responsibility, group initiation and group absorption into the centre Hierarchy.

Books by Alice Bailey: The Consciousness of the Atom In this book the scientific relation of matter and consciousness is discussed as evolution progressively affects the atomic substance of all forms. The "atom" emerges as a miniature but complete replica of the energy structure common to all forms of life - cosmic, planetary, human and subhuman.

The Soul and Its Mechanism The soul works through the mechanism of the threefold personality. The method by which the soul and the personality vehicles interact and function together is presented in this volume; and also the way the human constitution, as a whole and in its component parts, responds to the impact of an evolving consciousness. From Intellect to Intuition The development of the intellect, while necessary, is a means to an end. The intellect should become a means of penetrating into new dimensions of thought and consciousness, and of awakening the intuitive faculty of "pure reason".

Through occult meditation the gap is bridged between the threefold mind and the intuition. From Bethlehem to Calvary The life experience of the Master Jesus, including the Crucifixion, the Great Renunciation, is reflected in the life experience of all human beings. We can know and consciously cooperate in the journey which leads from the place of spiritual birth to the place of renunciation and resurrection.

The Yoga Sutras are of ancient origin, first reduced to writing by Patanjali, who is considered the founder of the Raja Yoga School.

The Rays and Initiations by Alice A. Bailey

Control of the mind and its illumination by the soul are brought about through the practice of Raja Yoga. The Labors of Hercules paraphrased by Djwhal Khul with commentary by Alice Bailey The story of the dramatic experience of the great and ancient Son of God, Hercules or Herakles from the Greek myth, gives us a synthetic picture of the progress of the soul from ignorance to wisdom, from material desire to spiritual achievement. The Unfinished Autobiography Although her death in December prevented the completion of this book, enough of the author's life story emerges to show the stages in her journey from Christian evangelism to mastery of the science of esotericism, and her work as an author, lecturer and teacher.

Books by Alice Bailey and Djwhal Khul:.

Understanding the Seven Rays

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The Rays and the Initiations a Treatise on the Seven Rays Volume V by Bailey Alice a

Condition: Used: Good. Published by Lucis Press Ltd, London Hard Cover. First Edition. Ink reference to page on rear end paper. No other marks or inscriptions. No creasing to covers or to spine. The death of millions ofpeoplein itself is not a tragedy for us, for it simply means their birth intoour domains. Walsch's "God" says that Hitler does not deserve blame for his acts- the rest of humanity is responsible for allowing them to happen: "Thepurpose of the Hitler Experience was to show humanity to itself.

They are only the product of the pastandthe victims of the present.

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At the same time, they are the agents ofdestiny,the creators of the new order and the initiators of the newcivilisation;they are the destroyers of what must be destroyed before humanity cangoforward along the Lighted Way. They are the embodiment of thepersonalityof humanity. Blame yourselves, therefore, for what is todaytranspiring. The New Age philosophers define evil as matter, selfishness, and therefusal to embrace change.

Bailey says, "The domination of spirit and its reflection, soul by matter is what constitutes evil"; atthe human level "the true nature of cosmic evil finds its majorexpression"in "materialistic selfishness and the sense of isolated separativeness. It "cannot abide change" or "complexity," is "fixated upon its sense of particularity," "is thedimension of separation," and "abhors diversity and seeks conformityand sameness.

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For New Age teachers, spiritual growth is not the fruit of taking upthe Cross and following Christ. Instead, as Hubbard says, "Your highestspiritual beings, even now, are telling you that each of you has accessto an inner teacher They tell you that through a process called'initiation,'you can transform yourself into an 'ascended master.

God's Law is No Law. Hubbardsays,"The break-up of the 20th century procreative family structure is It is the Highest Betrayal. Hubbard says, "if membersof our family choose to remain where they are, we have no moralobligationto suppress our own potential on their behalf. In fact the suppressionof potential is As Hubbard says, "When we feel that our creativityhasrun its course, we gracefully choose to die. In fact, it seemsunethicaland foolish to live on.

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