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Was I ever glad to see some godly parenting and teaching of moral standards woven right into the story as if it belonged there. No apologies. In this book Phronsie Pepper ends up going aboard with Mr. King their long-time benefactor, who has become their beloved grandfather. He is trying to make up for the fact that he drove away the young man that wanted to propose to Phronsie, because he thinks he will be deprived of his pet.

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She ends up nursing that young man back to health, and of course, does marry him. The further I read, the more I began to prize this book.

The hard cover is a plain brown, and the pages are also browned with age, but it makes wonderful reading, and I shall treasure it until just the right neice or great-niece is ripe for it. In case you have not "discovered" this author before, let me share with you what I've found today. There is a delightful write up on her life and writings on the ReadSeries. Lothrop herself. Carson describes how Lothrop entertained herself with the Pepper children in her daydreams for years before she entered a short story in a magazine, and then another, and then the requests began to pour in for a whole book.

Then more books! The Lothrops lived in the same house where Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Louisa May Alcott at different times had lived, and she did much to preserve the place, as well as other homes of well-known authors of that day. Her husband was a publisher, and they were very much a part of the publishing scene in New England. I learned of the other titles, and I see that most of them have been published online at the Project Gutenberg.

Or, I suppose you can sell it if you produce in a unique or special way. You can also get to read sample chapters at ClassicReader. I found most of the chapters at any rate. Part of the Joel Pepper book is at online-literature. Obviously, I haven't come to the bottom of this. Now I must read the rest if I possibly can!

Get PDF Five Little Peppers, Abroad (Illustrated)

Perhaps you are such a thoroughly modern Milly, that you do not care for old Victorian era children's series, but if you have never tried them, I think you ought to do the fair and tolerant thing, and read at least one or two of these books about the Pepper family. Give yourself permission to enjoy the moment by moment scenes or ordinary life in a family where the siblings love each other most of the time, and truly care for one another no matter what befalls them.

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