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Independent Legislator Jamal El Khodary of the Popular Committee Against the Siege demanded Israel to allow visitations to Gaza Strip detainees and to release all detained children without any delay of preconditions. El Khodary further stated that the children are living in a big jail called the Gaza Strip, and are deprived from seeing their detained parents. One of the international supporters who predicated in the event gave a speech during the procession and said that the children have the basic right to visit their detained parents, and have the right to live the same way other children live.

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  • Systems Self-Assembly: Multidisciplinary Snapshots (Studies in Multidisciplinarity).

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Amnesty International Freedom Candles Burn as a Symbol of Hope

My Account. About Musicnotes. But how, at least in the case of Jews, did the ritual of candle-lighting on this holiday actually start? Even back in the days when the Talmud was being compiled, the true meaning and reasons for celebrating Hanukkah the way we do were clouded in confusion.


The holiday is mentioned, in the Talmud, as part of the discussion of lighting Shabbat candles and most of the dialogue relates to how, how many and in what order we light the lights—with only a passing reference to the temporal victory over the Seleucids, the Middle Eastern Ancient Greek Empire. Only Josephus, himself controversial, but a Jewish historian who lived and wrote during the Roman period of the 1st century CE, seems to be the only source who mentions the word freedom as he describes the victory to worship as he links the notion of lights to liberty.

The Maccabees returned to a defiled Temple and restored it to holiness rekindling the sacrificial fire. The link between the temporal and the spiritual was clear. People were free once again to worship as they wanted and the freedom of the country was also secured. It seems to me that we are in a time when the linking of lights to liberty needs to take on urgent new meaning grounded in the ancient tradition.