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  1. Sleeping Sleep Disorders Dreams
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Something else might be at work. Fourth… Many people have a sense of suffocating or breathlessness while suffering through Awareness during Sleep Paralysis, which likely relates to the limited muscles that are active to help you breathe during REM sleep. Some people experience this as a chest pressure as if someone is standing or sitting on their chest. Practically none of our witnesses to home invasion by these nonhuman intruders report this frightening signature folklore symptom of chest pressure.

If a witness reports waking paralyzed, accompanied by the sensation of weight on his or her body, and difficulty breathing, there is a very strong possibility that they are dealing with simple Awareness during Sleep Paralysis. Fifth… In a distinct minority of cases, the mental fusion of normal wakeful awareness and dream overlap can result in wacky and often scary hallucinations projected upon actual physical surroundings. Some ASP sufferers have reported "watching" common items transform into nightmarish objects.

For example, clothes lying on the floor may become corpses or a ceiling fan might turn into a "fairy" with the blades as wings and the central bulb as an animate, speaking face. In most cases, the visions are vague, described only as being blurry or shimmering. Just remember that this dream overlap almost always manifests itself in negative or frightening forms. It sometimes seems as absurd and ridiculous as it does real. The environment tends to feel like holographic theater, the experience climaxes rapidly, and then the "visual" hallucinations evaporate when the sufferer regains control of his or her body.

ASP is so easily distinguished from genuine paranormal home invasions. Brent Raynes : How can anyone acquire your report on Amazon to further study this matter? You don't need to own a Kindle device to enjoy Kindle books and articles. Visit Amazon and download one of their free Kindle apps to start reading Kindle ebooks on all your devices. The Kindle app is available for every major smartphone, tablet, and computer.

Brent Raynes : You perceive a genuine non-human interactive intelligence as being responsible for quite a number of these events worldwide. From your studies and your own experiences, what conclusions have you reached? What theories do you hold as being seemingly the most valid? Robert Goerman : Have you ever awakened to sounds or sights in your home that made you decide "I have to check this out! You distinctly recall exactly what it was that aroused your curiosity. You can kick yourself for falling asleep.

The fact that you fell asleep is most often the weirdest aspect of the entire situation. These paranormal prowlers seem quite surprised when one of us awakens during a home invasion.

Sleeping Sleep Disorders Dreams

When nonhuman intruders are discovered in your home, the encounter will probably end in one of two ways: 1. The nonhuman exits through walls or vanishes. You will be compelled to sleep! In most cases, the primary witness inexplicably falls asleep, is told to sleep or is forced to sleep. My second observation is that some entities can, occasionally and momentarily, be caught off-guard and surprised. My third observation is that some entities can be substantial one moment and insubstantial the next. This substantiality appears to be controlled, yet accidents happen. My fourth observation is that some entities can appear and disappear, apparently at will.

Whether the entities control their visibility or actually leave the residence remains to be seen or unseen. These encounters are fleeting and unpredictable. I do wonder how often folks sleep peacefully in their cozy beds myself included while these beings carry out their secret agenda. Brent Raynes : I recall recently reading how you are engaging in further investigative studies of people's experiences with these nonhuman intelligences. What sort of results or goals do you hope to achieve? Robert Goerman : Valuable information is lost when genuine encounters are dismissed as ASP-induced hallucinations by eyewitnesses who are comforted by this advice, whether this counsel originates with the medical community or comes from a book or website on sleep paralysis.

It is less upsetting to believe that it was all just a dream, rather than confront the fact that these entities can violate our homes with impunity. I created the Nonhuman Intruder Project to deal exclusively with the intrusion of light phenomena and entities inside the home. People will have a safe place, even anonymously, to confide their experiences.

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  • It's NOT Sleep Paralysis! The Global Nightmare of Nonhuman Intruders.
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Here are some of the common symptoms:. Experiencing hypnagogic hallucinations is relatively common among those with sleep disorders narcolepsy , mental illnesses schizophrenia , and generalized insomnia. However it can also happen from pure exhaustion, if we are overstressed, or facing sleep deprivation. This is called the hypnogogic state. A spike of terror runs through you. This is what increases the state of panic and terror. The activation of the amygdala has individuals looking for any potential threats or dangers. The high concentration of epinephrine in the blood stream increases the heart and respiratory rates for more oxygen intake and constricts peripheral blood vessels for more blood flow into the large muscles, thereby preparing the body for fight or flight.

Norepinephrine, when released, mainly tenses the smooth muscles around the blood vessels, increasing the blood pressure.

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The root is connected to our fears, stress, our connection to the world, insecurities and biological roots. If the root is imbalanced we feel disconnected from ourselves. The start of sleep paralysis is the beginning stage of astral projection where we become dissociated from the body, Is this a coincidence? Many of these symptoms include perceived suffocation, thoughts of death and belief that an alien, demon, ghost or any other being is taking over their soul. All of this may be linked towards our REM Sleep patterns. According to Mental Health Daily:.

The airways can actually become slightly blocked during certain portions of the REM stage. When an individual experiences semi-consciousness as a result of waking during sleep paralysis, they awaken at a time when their body has been rendered immobile and their breathing has become shallow. This resistance is interpreted as a heavy pressure on the chest.

A person may panic and believe that impending suffocation is likely and will result in death. What happens is the body gets stuck in one of the sleep cycles. This is why many people report hallucinations of flying, feeling above the body while being immobile or even the sensation of remote viewing. There are a bunch of techniques out there on how to control your Sleep paralysis by turning it into a lucid dream.

This is a great technique to start removing fear. The 4th dimension is the astral realm — the world of dreams. It is also the world of thoughts and illusions because this is where our imagination lives.

The easiest time to perform astral projection is when we enter the hypnagogic state or 4th dimension of consciousness. Similarly during sleep paralysis, our brain waves change between intermittent beta and extreme alpha waves. Alpha brain waves are comparable to the state of suggestiblity. We also can enter a state of brainwashing or hypnosis. While debunking the myth connects to the brain, I also believe sleep paralysis connects to the spirit world. The visions or hallucinations we see are subconscious symbols. In this way when we have these halucinations, we are tapping into our subconscious and unveiling the internal mind.

Our internal mind is the gateway into the other side. The symbols we see in these stages of terror very well could connect to unconscious fears we have such as an insecurity we are in the process of healing. These symbols can connect to dream symbols, animal totems or even sacred geometry.

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  5. There are no evil entities, demons, soul possession or old hags on your chest. We just get stuck in the doorway.

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    7. Have you had Sleep Paralysis? Share some of your stories with us below in the comments! I just want to share a conversation I was having on fb about the Galactic Federation of Light. Hey, fluoride is really harmful in any amount because of electronegative energy, which is the tendency to draw in We have now completed the first spiral of Cycles of Healing 32 articles , laying the groundwork for linking the Hello, I really enjoy reading your blog.

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      I'm Ashley, a passionate writer and avid researcher looking to spread information about the beauty of Kundalini Awakening. This site will be dedicated to the Research, Expressions , Experiences and anyone going through the process of a Spiritual Awakening. Founder, Ashley Aliff. Privacy Policy. Contact us. Toggle navigation. So like any symbolism junkie, I had to know what was happening in the brain?!