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Dear Jim, It was very inspiring to read your article. We are setting up a small family business in Edinburgh and it was really nice to know that there are other people who went through the same things we are going through now. The difference is that I am going to be the sales side of the work and my husband is the designer. Do you think this idea could work? My husband needs to work full time in an office job as we have two kids and a mortgage. All the best, Lin. Thanks for this article. I recently lost a major design client — they hired an in-house designer who was fresh out of college and willing to work cheap.

I am basically rebuilding my business. I still have some good clients but I have a lot of income to replace. I have been making cold calls but that has gone no where. I decided I need to start going to area businesses and try to get people to talk to me. I printed a postcard type flyer and extra business cards — I am heading out tomorrow.

I am scared to death but I like my house and my kids need food!

Your article reassured me that this is the best way to rebuild. I really appreciate you sharing your story.

SMS Marketing for Small Business

I know that im a great designer and have the work from previous corporate clients to prove it but like you said, nothing is better than the face to face. I dress really nice and have no problems sparking up a convo. Thank you again for giving me the confidence to get off my ass.. Waiting on my business cards to come in as we speak..

Start a Business {And Get Paying Clients ASAP}

Btw do you think I should have a printed portfolio of my work instead walking around with an ipad or what have you. This is what I always search, since I also face the same problem. With the selling point being the price and the use of timezone difference has a way to develop while the client or another Design company is sleeping. If my target clientele was in my own country, I would do some cold calling and some meetings with potential clients.

But for a foreign market I think that I have to be a bit more creative and handle thinks differently. This is what I needed, currently. An inspiration to continue and move further beyond what I was right now. The hardships of starting out and getting clients to make my business working, to the point that going back for employment crossed my thoughts. Thank you very much for such inspiring story. This all seemed so fast passed but I suppose it was much needed at the time considering the circumstances.

Most low-ballers are indeed from cheap countries and totally outbid everyone else. I tried raising my price in the hopes that it will make clients believe I provide quality which I absolutely do!

I waste all my month connects and get rejection after rejection. I live in a somewhat poor country and the economy is stagnant. My only chance is the internet. Other emerging experienced freelancers are also on the scene. Any advice for me? Maybe an advice.

“How do I get more clients?”

While every business needs a website, trying to get clients from websites is very often not the best option. I built my book design business by using highly targeted direct mail pieces and followed up the physical mail piece with short, personal email messages, asking a simple question, with a link to my website or two. The last time I did this I sent out a cover letter with a page brochure and the response rate was unbelievable.

The same situation is with me, I lost my regular paid job. Thanks Jim for sharing this.

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Yet is have a question which needs a practical answer. Hope u be able to do that. Where you get that from? I mean the companies which you see already have website and logos. Why would they entertain anyone new?

3 Low-Cost Ways to Grow Your Small Business in 12222

What to do in this scenario wherein you have talent, you know you got that cutting edge and you can work hard but …. At present my books are only available through the internet but I know I should be getting print done with Create Space and then I could actually give physical copies of my books. A coffee shop has already said I could put some there and someone just asked today where they could get a physical book. What worked well still works well.

Then the requests roll in. Word of mouth marketing will always work. Many people are afraid to do that in this day and age. Thanks for commenting! Great post, I really appreciate this. Hey Adam, I loved the blog. I have a question, well maybe not a question, I guess i need some advice. I currently work for the gov and I do web and graphics. Well i am thinking about starting my own company and as you know the first step is the hardest.

The only thing that seems to be holding me back is the need to learn just a little more before taking the leap of faith. For example, i will be ready to go but maybe i should develop a few more skills before i go. As time goes on its seems like new things pop up. Should i just jump out there and go for it or should it be a slow process? Also another question. I noticed you provide not only web development but web hosting.

What are the steps to do something like that? Do i need to run out and buy a ton of stuff? I would appreciate any advice you can give..

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All large hosting providers have reseller packages. We use a superb UK based company as I find the really big ones offer such slow support they become a hindrance. Pay a bit more, get a lot more.