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  1. ‘Hell-Bent,’ by Benjamin Lorr

‘Hell-Bent,’ by Benjamin Lorr

But the Democratic-led investigation, now in its sixth week, has heard from a parade of current and former U. Democratic lawmakers say they no longer need to hear from the whistleblower to make their case that Trump abused his office for personal political gain. The president has denied any wrongdoing and accused his opponents of a witch hunt. As Democratic interest in the whistleblower has waned, the Republican push to unmask the person has ratcheted up, raising questions about what Republicans hope to gain.

Aides and strategists say the aim of the push to unmask the whistleblower is to deflect voter attention away from impeachment testimony and cast doubt on the Democratic-led proceedings.

The Republican Party official said internal polling shows that large numbers of voters view the impeachment investigation as politically motivated. Representative Jim Jordan, a staunch Trump ally and leading Republican opponent of the inquiry, said on Thursday that Republicans intend to subpoena the whistleblower to testify in public.

He approaches the subject of Bikram yoga not with journalistic detachment, but with something that, at least in this case, turns out to be more powerful: the personal investment of a believer forced to question his faith. This distinction comes into focus most vividly during the hellish nine weeks he spends at teacher training at a run-down hotel near the San Diego airport.

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