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✅ Futurecaster Trust Inc in Auckland NZ - reoprepmarra.tk

CY: Some of it's pretty far-fetched, but I could see versions of some of that tech becoming real in the near CY: I think the robot takeover has already happened. I have no idea how my phone works. Or an iPod. Or, really, my refrigerator. I think computers have done all the hard work already, which is making us completely reliant and at their mercy. All it's going to take is for some massively parallel processor at Bell Labs or IBM or someplace like that to boot up one morning and be like, "Oh hello, sentience.

We'll be the ones bringing rocks to a gunfight. On the other hand: "What is leg?

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It cracks me up, although I shouldn't admit that, because Watson is probably crawling the Internet for all mentions of its name and now I'm on its "humans to kill" list. Keep up with all our SXSW coverage at austinchronicle. Sign up for our South By-specific newsletter at austinchronicle. Frog keeps these archetypes tightly focused.

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The worlds are an anchor. What would happen then?

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You think about the penetration of that. That was really helpful for the client, who were working at, thinking about how their business could change. With these headlines in place, Frog invites companies into its studio to lead brainstorming sessions focused specifically on how their business could or would address these hypothetical events.

It could make the plane ride a trip worth taking again. How about it partners with a Disney, and design the plane ride to Disney World as part of the magic? Or maybe, instead of a business class that prioritizes putting you to sleep, you could work out on a bike, or collaborate with a colleague through new seating? While all this might sound like a game of sci-fi, the truth about futurecasting is that it gets to a fundamental issue about design.

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Design is ultimately about building a specific solution to an identifiable problem. And futurecasting at its core essentially lists the problems of the future. Events Innovation Festival The Grill. Follow us:. By Mark Wilson 9 minute Read.

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Design Co. June 26, Maurice Woodruff Times Mirror Ridiculous hybrid of Astrology and dream analysis, with additional hokum on phrenology, handwriting analysis and assorted other soft-brained sciences added for good measure.

Primarily of interest for its dictionary of dream symbols, which like all such guides to the hard interpretation of manifest content, is particularly hilarious.