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He is the loving, joyful, and generous Father of all creation. This book is a real and balanced scriptural teaching that will have you learning and laughing at the same time! Determine today to saturate yourself in His presence and experience exceedingly abundantly above all that you can ask or think! Understanding Salvation Jesse Duplantis God has a plan for your life. There is a path that leads to inner peace, real joy, and true wisdom about life. You begin walking on this new path the moment you reach out to God In Understanding Salvation, you will discover why God sent His Son, why salvation is necessary, and what you can do to begin living a new and better life in Christ Jesus.

Why all people need God to be fulfilled. What the term "born again" really means. How to be saved and sure of your salvation. How to live by choice, and not by chance.

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Discover God's good plan for your life through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ in Understanding Salvation. When Pharaoh called for Moses to take away the plague of frogs that had filled the land, Moses asked him when he wanted the frogs to be gone. Pharaoh could have said, "Now! Instead, he chose to put off the solution until "tomorrow" and spend one more night with the frogs.

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In this inspiring message, Dr. Jesse Duplantis will challenge you to stop living with problems that Jesus has already fixed at the cross. You'll learn how to recognize your authority and gain maturity in your faith so that you can stop delaying and start receiving what Jesus has done for you! We live in a world filled with negativity. Each day we are confronted with the world's message - a message of death, destruction, and lack.

It's NOT for us! God has given us another message - a message of hope, love, healing, and the wondrous power of faith.

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In this powerful book, you'll learn how to focus on God's Word and NOT be affected by the world's message of doom and gloom. Whether you need healing for your body or peace for your mind in troubling times, Dr. Discover the powerful affect of obeying Jesus' command to "only believe"! Saint Peter says that in the war against evil, our old enemy, the devil, roams like a roaring lion in search of someone to devour.

He tells us to be strong in the faith and to confront him. There is a wonderful group of contemplative sisters from Watertown, New York, the Sisters Adorers of the Precious Blood, who have promoted the following short prayer of a hymn written by Lucy Bennet:. Trust Him when dark doubts assail you. Trust in Him, when your strength is small; Trust Him, when you simply trust Him, It seems the most difficult of all. Trust him.

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He is always faithful, Trust him! Este domingo es el domingo de la Divina Misericordia. Mira la imagen de la Divina Misericordia. Confia en el. Christ is risen! The Mercy of God has indeed risen, the first-fruits of the dead who has overcome death for our eternal salvation. What a truly magnificent gift of love the Lord has bestowed upon his people of faith. He suffered and died on the cross for you and me, this love is both profound and immeasurable.

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Recognizing the true gift of life made possible, give some thought about the people in our readings for today and notice their behavior and understanding of what was and is before them on this day of the resurrection. Peter, who denied Christ, could not yet grasp the reality of the empty tomb. John, the beloved, who upon entering the tomb understood completely what Christ had told the disciples. And Mary, forever committed to Christ in her sorrow, did not recognize the risen Lord, until he spoke to her heartache.

Christ reveals himself in so many ways that we often miss or do not quite understand when he speaks to our hearts or appears to us in others.

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During your Lenten journey, did you faithfully seek personal change or deepen your relationship with Christ? Did your journey include reconciliation, almsgiving, and works of mercy, scripture study, personal reflection or fasting? Yet, we must dedicate ourselves to this noble undertaking and strive to strengthen our spiritual relationship with our Savior.

Lent is a point in time for our conversion, reconciliation and repentance. Therefore recommit yourself fully to Christ and walk in faith with him in all that we undertake as we journey together to the New Jerusalen. Cristo ha resucitado! Easter is the very foundation of our Catholic faith.

SAconnects, Volume 2, Number 5 by The Salvation Army: SAconnects - Issuu

This is the time for us to rejoice in the meaning of the Resurrection, the knowledge that Christ has risen and has promised that we, too, will share in His glorious Resurrection. We lived Jesus Christ Paschal mystery, that is, His suffering, death, and resurrection. By participating in as many services as possible we were able to show God how much we really love Him and that we are really grateful for all that He has done for us. Help us to fearlessly give testimony about how Jesus has changed our lives. Domingo de la 5a Semana de Pascua 19 de mayo Justo antes de este pasaje, leemos que apedrearon a Pablo, lo arrastraron fuera de la ciudad y lo dieron por muerto.

La gente odiaba a Pablo por el mensaje que estaba predicando.


Tuvo que ser un momento tan emocionante en la Iglesia primitiva. He still loves us.

Enciende en nosotros el fuego de tu amor. Share this:. Like this: Like Loading Leave a Comment Posted in Uncategorized. Saturday of the 4th Week of Easter May 18, When the Jews saw the crowds, they were filled with jealousy. Both Paul and Barnabas spoke out boldly and said,. All who were destined for eternal life came to believe,. The Jews, however, incited the women of prominence who were worshipers.

So they shook the dust from their feet in protest against them. The disciples were filled with joy and the Holy Spirit. They threw them out of the city. They did not let this stop them from sharing the Good News. In fact, they went to the next town to do the same.