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Meaning of "Theorem" in the German dictionary. Theorem derived from axioms of a scientific theory; Theorem. Synonyms and antonyms of Theorem in the German dictionary of synonyms. Examples of use in the German literature, quotes and news about Theorem. Arthur C. Clarke, Frederik Pohl, Wolfgang Waldner, David Bannas, Andreas Honneth, Ariane Peters, Magisterarbeit aus dem Jahr im Fachbereich Philosophie - Philosophie des Heike Ludwig, Martin Runkel, See details and exclusions. See all 2 pre-owned listings. Buy it now.

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Best-selling in Fiction See all. Together with mathematical and medical manuscripts, it was put in the tomb of a minor official who died around BCE and by whom the manuscripts were most likely owned. Although the binding cords that once connected altogether at least 1, bamboo slips found in the tomb to form several independent manuscript rolls had long decayed , the position of the bamboo slips at the time of excavation made it possible to determine which slips had once belonged to the same roll. Credits Cern.

Credits to Cern. Irradiation If the excitations decay "immediately", the phenomenon is called fluorescence, in case of slower decay seconds, minutes of even longer one speaks of phosphorescence. As a result, already after two weeks of data taking, the team had collected data that surpassed all previously collected statistics.

The intermediate charged couples may undergo recombination to the uncharged ground state, but these reactions occur slower than the electron transfer away from the primary donor.

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Elemente jenseits der Ordnungszahl werden als superschwere Elemente bezeichnet. Elements beyond atomic number are referred to as superheavy elements. They are produced at accelerator laboratories and generally decay after a short time. Die paarweise erzeugten W-Bosonen zerfallen unmittelbar nach ihrer Enstehung. The W-bosons which are produced in pairs at LEP2 decay immediately after their creation.

A hadronic decay the W decays to an quark-antiquark pair results in two observable jets in the detector. The polaritons result from the strong light-matter coupling of these excitons in semiconductor microcavities.

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When exposed to sunlight, the pigment titanium dioxide, which is a constituent part of the paint, releases electrons. These electrically negative particles accelerate the reduction and oxidation of the organic deposits on the surface of the paint coat — the dirt particles are decomposed. This function is very similar to the function of the catalytic converter in your car.

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The Schiff s base is hydrolyzed, and the second product of the reaction decomposes to pyruvate and ammonia. Ethyl lithium had added to ethylene — which contains two carbon atoms — to form butyl lithium, which was then cleaved to form lithium hydride and 1-butene with four carbon atoms. Aosta side.


The beech forms thick forests; its leaves, which take a long time to decompose , form a thick layer which impedes many other plants and trees from developing, just as the thick foliage lets very little light through during the summer months. The undergrowth of the beech forest is therefore richer in species in spring when the leaves are not yet fully developed Anemone nemorosa, Luzula nivea. This decaying timber threatens multiple watersheds within the state, poses the threat of catastrophic wildfire, and will release tons of carbon dioxide and methane as it decomposes or burns.

Noch im Fall sprach sie ein einziges Wort in das Samenkorn und schluckte es hinunter. She spoke a single word into the seed and swallowed it as she fell. Her vast body decomposed throughout the long winter, becoming the humus that would feed the seedlings in the spring. And on the morning of the vernal equinox, before the rest of the forest had begun to wake, that last seed ripened and burst in an instant. It decomposes into dust after drying out and causes an allergic reaction that can, if left unattended, develop into chronic asthma.

Conventional Mattresses — sleeping with the enemy www. Das ist der Stand der Technik. The urea decomposes into ammonia and this, in turn, reduces the nitrogen oxides into harmless nitrogen. However, the urea solution can produce undesirable solid residues and, in addition, freeze in extremely cold weather.

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz

The mulching accessory from Bosch can be used to feed the nutrients contained in the lawn clippings back into the lawn. Their dream is to produce a play together with Mongolian actors. As things develop, the good intentions of the small troupe start turning sour, confronted by the social, cultural and economic realities of a country in full decline. Zentrale Markthalle Aber die gehobene Nachbarschaft fing an zu zerfallen. The Market The now high-class neighborhood soon started to decline. During the civil war, which started in , many houses around the square were empty.

Thereby Prussia declines into two jurisdictions of different laws.

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